Our Mission

The primary mission of Tantra Asia is to re-introduce Tantra to the people of Asia – not as a set of obscure and incomprehensible spiritual teachings, but as a set of powerful and easily accessible tools for enhancing every aspect of peoples’ daily lives.

Our Approach

The way in which we teach Tantra is neither western nor traditional, but a simple, direct and results-oriented approach entirely in keeping with modern Asian lifestyles and cultural values.

Our Methods

Tantra is frequently (and erroneously) referred to as “sexual yoga” when in fact it is a whole body of knowledge encompassing every aspect of spiritual and everyday life. However two of the most powerful forms of energy we can harness to develop ourselves spiritually and expand our consciousness are romantic love and sexual desire. Therefore the easiest and most accessible way in which to achieve spiritual development through Tantra is to introduce Tantric teachings into our emotional and physical relationship as a couple.

Whilst this is not the only path to understanding Tantra, it is without a doubt the most practical and enjoyable. Through the application of Tantric teachings to your relationship you will grow closer together, become more intimate, and enjoy total physical and emotional fulfillment with your partner.

Our objective is not to teach you Tantra as a set of rules and formulae in a classroom setting. Our objective is to enable you to discover Tantra for yourself, through a series of workshops and seminars where you learn how to explore Tantra together with your partner, teaching one another the sacred mysteries that lead to personal development and spiritual enlightenment.

We offer two types of workshop for people wishing to explore Tantra within their relationship.

Introduction to Tantra –
A One-Day Workshop for Singles and Couples

Tantra for Loving Couples –
A Weekend Workshop for Couples Only

Our Workshops

Introduction to Tantra Workshop

In just a single day you will learn how to:

use Tantric meditation, breathing, sound and movement

guide conscious pleasure throughout your body

open up energy channels that can connect you and your partner on a deeper level

create a sacred space for loving


Register Now for our special Tantra for Loving Couples Workshop

Tantra for Loving Couples Workshop
In just three short days you will learn how to:

increase intimacy in your relationship

sexually and emotionally heal your partner

rediscover the lost arts of kissing, touching and feeling

condition your body for unlimited sexual pleasure