Polycarp Teo Sebom, ERYT500, RYS200, ACTE – Principal Instructor

Polycarp Teo Sebom is a Advanced Certified Tantric Educator (ACTE) who has studied under the renowned Charles Muir of the Source School of Tantra, as well as other prominent Tantric and Daoist Masters. He is the founder of the Asian School of Tantra, and has pioneered Tantric education in Southeast Asia for more than 10 years. He has also been practicing and teaching a variety of Yoga disciplines for over 20 years, and is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT500) with Yoga Alliance.

Polycarpís primary mission is to re-introduce Tantra to the people of Asia Ė not as a set of obscure and incomprehensible spiritual teachings, but as a set of powerful and easily accessible tools for enhancing every aspect of peoplesí daily lives. Although trained in the USA, UK, Canada, India and Thailand, he brings a powerful set of Asian social and cultural values to his work, ensuring that students enjoy a comfortable, relaxed and appropriate educational experience.

Jack, RYT200 – Senior Instructor

In late 2006, Jack attended a Yoga Teacher Training Course conducted by Sri Muthu Krishnan and organised by Beauty Works Fitness and Beauty Centre. After graduating from the course he worked at the same centre as Fitness Coordinator. He also attended FISAF core course, a foundation course covering essentials like safety, anatomy and nutrition.

Eventually, he decided to narrow down his focus to what he enjoys more: teaching and helping clients grow. So he became a freelance instructor, teaching at various fitness centres, private companies, residential clubs, and private clients. He also studied Liangong Shi Ba Fa under a local master, and now assists him with some of his classes.

In mid 2010 he took TTC under the late Vincent Ng, who sadly passed away before he could complete the course. The cherished technical knowledge that Jack gained during the course has proven very useful in his career.

Jack then completed TTC with RYT 200 under Polycarp Sebom of the Asian School of Tantra and is now a registered yoga teacher with yoga alliance. (RYT 200)

Jack's passion for Yoga and fitness were related to his childhood. He was weak and a  sports reject in school and fell sick fairly often. After high school he started taking fitness seriously. After years of self-experimentation he experienced for himself that while many fitness disciplines can make the body stronger, Yoga has a profround benefit for the immunological system, and combined with meditation makes one a slightly better person. And since it also brings strength, stamina and flexibility, it truly is the most all round discipline there is.

Other Instructors

Polycarp works together with a number of professionally certified instructors who cover a variety of specializations within the broad spectrum of Yoga. Uniquely, he also works with non-yoga instructors such as Bornean traditional massage specialists and Tantric instructors to bring a remarkable depth of knowledge and understanding to his courses.

Professional Standards

Polycarp has also enjoyed a successful professional career as a solicitor and registered company secretary, handling large sums of clients' money and working on complex commercial and financial cases and projects. All of these activities require the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, and it is these same standards that Polycarp brings to his RYS200 courses.

Any potential participants who wish to have a nice relaxing holiday, do some gentle yoga, chill out, and receive instructor certification at the end should really look elsewhere. Anyone who wishes to work till they drop is most welcome at AST, will receive instructor certification upon successful completion, and will be equipped with all the tools to become a first class yoga teacher.


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